Kanachana Telugu Movie cast Wallpapers and songs

Kanachana is sequel to Muni:
Choreographer-actor-director Larencce is directing a movie titled ‘Kanchana’ and he currently busy in shooting at Chennai.

It seems that ‘Kanchana’ is a bilingual thriller-horror flick in Tamil and Telugu sequel to Larencce’s ‘Muni’, starring Anushka in the lead role. Of late ‘Arundathi’ looks like Anuskha has been doing brawny roles more. Another feature is that the first part ‘Muni’ saw Rajkiran in a never before role. Everyone is looking forward eagerly for this movie.
The shoot will continue in Chennai for some time and a majority of the schedule will cover the talkie part alone. All special effects will be incorporated in the movie later.

Heroine beauty Lakshmi rai after missing her romantic Indian cricket team is looking for a settled personality in Film industry to make herself busy. Thanks to choreographer turned actor turned director Lawrence Raghava who is enjoying his free time. Birds of a feather flock together, Lakshmi and Raghava are already into deep romance as per Kolly news.

Now, Lawrence who can’t miss her GF for a long time has made Lakshmi the heroine in his forthcoming film ‘Kanchana.’ There does not end the matter, Lakshmi rai is doing the project for free without demanding any remuneration. ‘I am not asking for any remuneration. How can I take money when I am doing with Lawrence?’ Lakshmi rai questioned the media members. Well, all the directors can’t be as intelligent as Lawrence and all other heroines can’t get as good BF as Lawrence. This is called ‘Super Cowboy’ jodi.

Kanchana Movie – Raghava Lawrance (2011)
Cast                 : Raghava Lawrance, Lakshmi Rai
Music               : Thaman SS
Director           : Raghava Lawrance
Probucer          : Bellamkonda Suresh